Mercury 201

Mercury 201 Mercury 201 Mercury 201 Mercury 201 Mercury 201 Mercury 201 Mercury 201
Product code: 201


The meters are designed for active electric energy measurement in two-wired AC networks.

The meters are designed for indoor operation and can be installed in the areas with additional environmental protection (installed inside premises, cabinets or boards).


The meter modifications are available with different rated and peak current, and additional functionalities which are not related to metrological perfomance.

Metrological performance

Meter accuracy class 1
Rated voltage, V 230
Base/peak current, A 5/60; 10/80
Peak current during 10 ms 30*I max
Starting current, А
• for meters with base current 5 А 0.02
for meters with base current 10 А 0.04


GOST R 52320, GOST R 52322
State registers of Russia and CIS countries

Active/total power consumption in each meter voltage circuit at rated voltage, W/V*A 2 / 10
Total power consumed by each current circuit, max, V*А 0.1
Calibration interval, years 16
Warranty period, years 3
Mean time between failures, min, h 150,000
Operating temperature range, °C -40 to +55
Weight, max, kg 0.35
Dimensions (LхWхH), mm 105x105x64

— Digital measurement of electrical energy.

— There are no magnet sensitive elements in measuring circuits and power supply system.

— Counter with anti-reverse mechanism and magnetic field protection.

— Electrical energy measurement ‘per module’, readings increase at any phasing of the connected circuits.

— Small-size housing with a universal bracket for DIN-rail mounting.

Table of commercially available meters modifications.

Modification Indication device Nominal/ maximum current, А Interfaces, relay
Mercury 201.2 LCD 5(60)
Mercury 201.4 LCD 10(80)
Mercury 201.5 Stepper motor 5(60)
Mercury 201.6 Stepper motor 10(80)
Mercury 201.22 LCD 5(60) PLS

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