Russian luminaires at the largest LatAm trade show

For four days, Incotex Electronics Group, one of the leaders in Russia in the electronic and lighting markets, showcased its products at the international BIEL Light + Building Buenos Aires trade show, together with its partner in Argentine, Avangard Energy SRL.
The products exhibited there were LED street lights, industrial and residential lighting, horticultural and office lighting, stadium lighting, lighting control systems, and electricity meters, all the products we are placing on the LatAm markets.

«This is a new wave in our mutual cooperation between Russia and Argentine,« — said Viktor Koronelli, Russian Ambassador in Buenos Aires, at the booth opening.

He added, «Presence of Incotex Electronics Group at this show is very important because it helps us promote efficient products for Argentinian customers, municipalities, and local authorities, and I see a lot of potential in this project.»

Sergei Derkach, head of the Russian Trade Mission in Argentine, noted that Incotex’s participation falls in line with plans of the Russian Government to increase export of high-tech Russian solutions.
Russian lights and lighting control system generated a lot of interest among visitors and local businessmen. Engineer Omar Impini from Pusse SA confirmed his intention to cooperate with Incotex Electronics Group in order to set up local assembly.

He said, «It’s possible that what they are making now in Russia can be partly made here by us. It will allow us to sell this high-quality product as a product integrated in Argentine.»

Miguel Angel Escalise from Altosur SA, that has already been working with Incotex and Avangard Energy, highlighted what has been achieved by now. «Luminaires are highly competitive, and we expect to develop the cooperation. We’ve already installed 2500 luminaires in Lanus.»

«We are developing markets in Argentine, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Ecuador and Columbia. Together with Avangard Energy and Incotex Electronics Group (IEG) we are participating in a Santa Cruz de la Sierra tender (Bolivia) for the installation of ~3800 lights with control system. We also work with electricity meters in Bolivia and Paraguay», — he said.

Semen Burukin, Vice-President in Incotex Electronics Group, focused on how important a Smart City concept is, " Smart lighting is a global trend in today’s world. We are offering not just luminaires but a lighting control system as well. It ensures more energy savings and less maintenance times on the roads and highways.»

Mr.Burukin also added that Incotex is working now on a complex solution consisting of smart lighting, electricity meters, metering system and CCTV. He shared his vision and roadmap for the company in the LatAm region. A part of it is potential cooperation with local companies for local assembly, creation of new jobs and development of local industry.
International biennale for electrical, electronic and lighting solutions was organised with the support of Messe Frankfurt Argentina and he Argentine Chamber of Electronic, Electromechanic and Lighting Industries (CADIEEL).

Source: sputniknews