New “VESTI” VGTRK studio

Key figures and benefits

  • Main screen DS-MLI ALFA 3696x1512 - 1,9 mm. 7x3m.
  • "iPhone" screen DS-MLA ALFA 672x1512 - 1,3x2,9 m
  • "Cube" screen 3 fringe DS-MLA ALFA 1536x864 - 1,2 mm. 1.95x0,7 m
  • "Stand Up" screen DS-MLA ALFA 1920x648 - 1.2 mm 3,9x2,2 m
  • "Table" screen DS-MLA ALFA 1920x648 - 1,6 mm. 3.2x0,7 m.
  • "Podium" screens 2pcs. DS-MLA ALFA 3696x1512 - 2.5 mm. 5,0x0.2m.
  • "Buffet" screens 2pcs DS-MLA ALFA 256x1584 - 2,5 mm.
  • "Pillars" screens 16pcs. DS-MLA ALFA 128x1584 - 2,5mm. 0,2x4,3 m.

The Company “Display Systems” has installed 27 LED screens in the renewed “Vesti” ASB1studio of the TV channel “Russia” VGTRK.

The pixel pit of the screens is 1,2 mm and up to 2,5 mm.

Total area of all screens altogether comprised 63,3 m² with the resolution of up to 4K inclusively.

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