Smart Lighting System ASTRO-1

Software and hardware illumination control platform ASTRO-1 designed for autonomous operation of lighting fixtures.

Solution Description

When power is supplied to the luminaire, the remote controller placed inside independently determines the current date and time, geographical coordinates of its location in accordance with which it calculates the luminaire operating schedule depending on the duration of the darkness hours for the entire service life.

If necessary, the luminaire operating schedule can be adjusted according to user requirements at the stage of presale preparation. Operational features. When a lighting fixture is connected to the mains, its sets to 100% of brightness and it stays switched on for one hour. Then the lighting fixture will be operating in accordance with the its self-generated schedule. This operating mode is provided for installation works of the lighting fixture as well as to ensure a possibility for its forced switching on in exceptional cases.


The modification is designed for autonomous operation of lighting fixtures.

Field of application

  • Cottages estates, villages, small urban settlements;
  • Separate infrastructure facilities (kindergartens, schools, territories of private and municipal enterprises, roads) which do not require the use of operational control and complex operation algorithms.
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Full autonomy

User does not need to do any settings! The luminaire itself determines the current date and time, location and operating schedule.

Maximum simplicity

Only power supply to the luminaire is required for ASTRO-1 operation based on the astronomical schedule. 

Minimum cost

ASTRO-1 is the lowest cost solution on the market and fulfils its main task which is energy saving. This goal is achieved by controlling switching on/off luminaires as well by dimming. 

Possibility of functional extension 

In case if the preinstalled schedule has to be quickly changed, the user can contact the manufacturer to upgrade the system to the ASTRO-2 modification.

Variant of solution ASTRO (ASTRO-1, ASTRO-2, ASTRO-3)

More components

System element Designation and functionality
Remote controller ASTRO 1 Предназначен для установDesigned for installation inside or outside a luminaire housing, provides automatic control of switching on/off as well as luminaire power dimming from 20 to 100% according to a preprogrammed schedule.

ASTRO-1 consists only of a remote controller
which can have a built-in or external modification.

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