Smart Lighting System ASTRO-2

Software and hardware illumination control platform ASTRO-2 is designed to control luminaires with a possibility to integrate them into a network and implement operating schedule control.

Solution Description

The radio network which does not require any professional settings and automatically generated when power is supplied to luminaires. In this way the user has a possibility to carry out the operating control of individual luminaires (or some independently created luminaire groups), collect data on the status of all system elements. The control is directly carried out using the modem with its installed software.

The luminaires in the ASTRO-2 system also support operation in the autonomous mode which is similar to the ASTRO-1. The maximum duration of the user schedule is 60 days. When this periods expires, the luminaire returns to its operation according to the factory settings (the ASTRO-1 mode). This feature increases the system reliability when there is a threat of communication disruption.


The system is designed to control luminaires with a possibility to integrate them into a network and implement operating schedule control.

Field of application

  • Cities, small urban settlements;
  • Regional and local roads;
  • Separate infrastructure facilities (railway stations, freight terminals, industrial areas, workshops etc.) where operating control and complex algorithms must be used.
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Optimal cost

ASTRO-2 is an ideal combination of functionality that provides extensive user operating features and low material costs for its implementation.

Cost saving operation

The use of unlicensed radio frequency 868 MHz for data transmission does not require any transmission fees for data traffic during the system operation.

High reliability

The automatically generated radio network ensures a steady signal transmission in even in case when up to 5 poles (150 m) fail in the chain. The control is carried out via secure data channels. In case of loss of communication, the system goes to autonomous mode.

Possibility of functional extension 

There is a possibility to upgrade the system to ASTRO-3 in the case of phased implementation of SLMS.

Variant of solution ASTRO (ASTRO-1, ASTRO-2, ASTRO-3)

More components

System element Designation and functionality
Remote controller ASTRO 2 Designed for installation inside or outside a luminaire housing, provides automatic control of switching on/off as well as luminaire power dimming from 20 to 100% in operating mode or according to a preprogrammed schedule.
ASTRO Modem Designed for connection to a personal computer or smartphone via USB to control luminaires via the 868 MHz frequency radio channel and range not less than 150 m.
Software ASTRO Manager Designed for installation on a personal computer or smartphone to control luminaires operating schedule. Available free of charge on Google Play and App Store. See description in the “Software” section.
To create a lighting fixtures network it is necessary, additionality to remote controllers, to have a separately located modern or router. The luminaires are controlled by the free of charge software included in the standard package.
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