Smart Lighting System ASTRO

Depending on the task complexity level for lighting control you can choose one of three ASTRO modifications.

System Field of application
  • Cottages estates, villages, small urban settlements;
  • Separate infrastructure facilities (kindergartens, schools, territories of private and municipal enterprises, roads) which do not require the use of operational control and complex operation algorithms.
  • Cities, small urban settlements;
  • Regional and local roads;
  • Separate infrastructure facilities (railway stations, freight terminals, industrial areas, workshops etc.) where operating control and complex algorithms must be used.
  • Megalopolises, big cities, districts;
  • Federal motorways and motorway networks;
  • Separate infrastructure facilities which require professional control and parameter metering.

Solution Description

ASTRO allows LED luminaires to become truly intelligent and in some modifications provides an opportunity to monitor status of each luminaire, set switching on and off schedules, adjust light levels for different time of day and also receive various information on both the system status and various environmental parameters. To do this, you just need to use a control program installed on your computer, smartphone or tablet. 

The luminaires manufactured by Incotex can be easily integrated with the ASTRO system and automatically networked in a matter of seconds. Communication protocols used to transmit data to ASTRO provide reliable communication with minimum costs.

Real mesh network

ASTRO — is virtually the only solution on the market  built on the basis of this mesh network* providing access to the luminaires regardless of urban lay of land which allows implementing of control systems in tunnels, underground parkings and other sites without the need for widespread installation of base stations.

The best parameters

Minimum power consumption, unlimited range, no traffic charges, minimum number of controllers or modems for the system control make ASTRO the market leader in the field of SLMS.

The optimal solution for everyone

Due to the principle of an individual approach to solving our partners problems, we have developed three ASTRO modifications with an optimal set of functions, determined by the necessary level of complexity of the system which allows the most flexible approach to pricing.

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SLMS modification ASTRO-1 ASTRO-2 ASTRO-3
Operation 24 / 7 + + +
Luminaire autonomous operation + + +
Operation according to astronomical schedule or other factory settings + + +
Operation according to user settings + +
Remote control via the Internet + +
Application for mobile devices + +
Two-way communication with the luminaire + +
Professional software +
Telemetry data collection +
Control unit (as a part of SLCC) +
Modem +
Available remote controllers ASTRO-1 ASTRO-2
Upgrade to the next modification + +
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