Horticultural LED lighting

PHYTO series luminaires are efficient substitutes of high pressure sodium lamps (tube/reflector) that are traditionally used in horticulture.Светодиодные фитосветильники являются э.

Light source: high-efficacy red, white and blue LEDs from Osram. Aluminium housing. Innovative heat-sink design for efficient heat dissipation. 


  • INDUSTRY.3 and PlantaLux INTER / UPPER luminaires for greenhouse growers of various vegetable crops and flowers to supplement periods of low natural light
  • The PHYTO and PlantaLux HOME series luminaires are designed for home use for providing house plants and seedlings with supplemental light.


  • Energy consumption is 2–2.5 times lower compared to HPS lamps, with similar vegetation effect
  • Relative radiation spectrum is tuned to the PAR curve
  • Two wavelength peaks in the blue (445 nm) and red (660 nm) spectra show maximum absorption of light energy by chlorophyll (under DIN 5031) – suitable for all vegetation stages. The emission spectrum of HPS lamps is mainly concentrated in the yellow-green range but is fairly low in the blue range. With such light, plants stretch up high and become more brittle lacking green weight
  • No special requirements for disposal
  • No powerful thermal emission. PHYTO luminaires can be placed close to plants; it reduces total quantity of luminaires used and consumed power needed to achieve required irradiance
  • No light degradation characteristic compared to HPS lamps; no need to replace them every 1–1.5 years.