Poultry and livestock farming LED lighting

LED lighting for poultry and livestock farming. Resistance to aggressive environments.

Body from co-extruded protected polycarbonate. Modular lighting system available in 0.5m, 1.0m and up to 3.0m lengths, with 0.5m step. Each tube can be discretely AC powered and dimmed. Each one is equipped with surge protection. Increased reliability and lifetime due to absence of powerful drivers inside tubes themselves. Easy installation on fixed and adjustable wire ropes, cable trays, etc., either horizontally, vertically or at any required angle. Washable with water, including under pressure; disinfectants and washing-up liquids can be used.


  • resistance to ammonia, alkalis and acids vapours,
  • high efficacy up to 130 lm/W,
  • flicker lower than 5%,
  • standard dimming with no extra costs,
  • light weight,
  • no mercury; safe when damaged,
  • no extra disposal costs.


Upgrade your barns at less cost with our power-line dimming and standard phase control dimmers. No need to lay separate control cables. A simple lighting processor control unit with real-time clock has two Day/Night cycles a day, simulating smooth transition from night to day and reducing daylight hours to 12 hours. It contributes to faster bird and animal growth indoors.


  • Colour temperature: 3,000К, 4,000К, 5,000К,
  • Light colour: white by default, red for hens, green for broiler stock).