Linear LED lighting

Recessed linear luminaires – to recess into gypsum and suspended ceilings.Suspended linear luminaires – to suspend with wire ropes.Surface linear luminaires – to mount onto surfaces.

Weather-resistant powder-coated aluminium housing.High-efficacy white LEDs are used as the light source.


  • Administrative and office spaces
  • Supermarkets and sales floors
  • Schools, hospitals
  • Public institutions, etc.


  • Energy consumption is 2-2.5 times lower than that of fluorescent luminaires
  • Percent flicker < 5% (recessed and suspended)
  • No specific requirements for disposal
  • Safe when damaged, compared to energy-saving mercury lamps
  • Infinite length and various configurations of the recessed and suspended luminaires due to innovative modular design
  • Double protection of LEDs with Zener diodes and PLEDs for uninterrupted operation of a luminaire
  • No light flicker creating eye hazards